Community Development

Employment & Skills development – Job Creation – Sustainable Local Entrepreneurship

Nkukhu Box plans to initiate projects that are external to normal business activities of the company and are not directly for purpose of increasing company profit. These projects will have a strong developmental approach and we will use company resources to benefit and uplift communities where we operate.

We focus on the following as our corporate social investment:

  • Social Entrepreneurship Development
  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Arts and Culture
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Job Creation
  • Sports Development
  • Skills Development

Local SME Support

We source most of our products and services from local businesses.

Township Land Cleanup

Because we use open land to place our container stores, either private or municipal; in most instances these areas are neglected and not maintained. Some have become illegal dumping sites.

Once Nkukhu Box has identified a site and relevant permission to use the land has been obtained, the company will at its own cost improve and maintain the landscape.

Thus we contribute to the creation of environment friendly communities. We will also engage with the Department of Provincial Environment Affairs to realize this goal.

We will turn illegal dumping sites into parks, business hubs and soccer fields for our kids to play on.


We value the benefit of sponsorship. We will use sponsorships to make our brand different. The right sponsorship will add to our brand and help us engage with our customers

Our sponsorship purpose is ‘helping people achieve their ambitions – the right way.

Supporting creative and sporting talent today ensures a brighter future tomorrow.