Township Swag

Swag is the new "˜ish' in our Kasi’s. Many youngsters in the township are taking Swag to new levels.

The meaning of Swag and how several young people in the township relate to it has become a major influencing factor when it comes to brand selection. Having swag in the township means one has to have a unique style and be up to date with the latest fashion trends, music and lifestyle. It’s being unique & fashionable and how you dress and clothing brands one wears distinguishes ones social status.

The swag trend doesn't have an age limit. Young and old people compete differently to outshine other people and they then feel good about themselves.

swag |swag|

noun: "the way in which you carry yourself. Swag is made up of your overall confidence, style, and demeanour"

"Umswenko" is the zulu translation of swag.

Our Nkukhu Box meals are “Swagged Up”, from our designer Kota’s to our full of flavour Grilled Chicken. Our meals are made for people with Swag. Top Quality Ingredients, Sauces & Presentation.

The lifestyle that one lives should be complimented by the food they eat. Nkukhu Box has brought to our townships “Swagged Up” meals that compliment new trends. We embrace our Kasi Swag lifestyle, fashion, talent and food. This is also seen on our store staff members, whom are young, vibrant, fashionable and full of style.

“Umswenko is a lifestyle that we, the youth of South Africa are all about. It's based on excellence and random acts of nation building [coming together as South Africans despite our differences] in a fun, responsible way. It's all about boosting the confidence of our youth through knowledge of self and global awareness simultaneously. Like, “Hey, a kid from Soweto is as cool as a kid from Paris, or New York, or London.” We actually have more Umswenko/Swag because we not really following global trends anymore, more than ever before, we now create our own unique identities”