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What Makes the Nkukhu Box Franchise Special?

Nkukhu Box store concept is made from specially designed shipping containers, making it affordable to purchase. It's a movable store developed to save on setup cost thus increasing chances of business survival.

  • No long-term binding lease contracts, expensive rentals and pitiless shopping centre landlords.
  • No shopping centre added operational costs, rates & taxes and penalties on lease cancellations.

As our franchisee you get to own a physical movable business/store that can be easily moved somewhere else should the initial location prove not to be ideal. Franchisees get to own every single part of the store, unlike setting up a store in a shopping centre and certain equipment become fixtures to the building and cannot be removed in case you need to relocate.

Our stores are located directly within our customers' residential area, making our product offering easily accessible 24/7. The container store is designed to be very secure taking into account the target area security challenges.

Almost every product comes from central kitchen already portioned to the correct weight/size as per recipe cost, this makes store stock control very easy.